About iBodyScan

Pip De Vries

Pip De Vries is the new Director of iBodyScan. She has worked in the fitness industry since 2010 and is also a high school teacher, specialising in senior Dance, teaching both here and overseas since 2008. She is passionate about exercise and movement and now assisting her clients with achieving their body composition goals, in a safe and supportive way.

Pip is a qualified Secondary Teacher and Fitness Instructor and has also owned her own gym since 2017. As well as competing at an elite level in sport (rowing and marathon and sprint kayaking) and dance herself, she is an extremely experienced teacher/coach and has worked with students and participants of all ages and levels for many years. She is also qualified in pre and post natal training; supporting pregnant women to exercise safely and return to training post-baby is a special area of interest for her. Pip prides herself on her ability to connect with everyone she works with and coach them to their goals, whatever they may be.

Pip is married with three small children. When she gets a spare moment (so, rarely!) she enjoys attending a group fitness class as a participant!

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